Here we go!

After a hiatus, I will be returning to behind the camera (officially) the beginning of November! I am very excited to get back to work after taking some time off for my pregnancy, and soon, the arrival of my baby!

No worries though, after having time off, I have not been without my inspiration. Planning and learning new processing techniques and coming up with fun ways to get back in the game has always been apart of my thought process this overwhelmingly hot summer!

I will be restarting my senior representative program for the incoming 2016-2017 seniors. This has been a great program in the past and allowed me the opportunity to work with some amazing young adults. If you know a senior or are a senior yourself, and want to apply for a spot in this program, please email me at We do have referral incentives and a reduced rate on a senior sessions.

I will be returning to family photography, but will be promoting the open air photo booth as well. The photo booth is great for any event (birthday, wedding, holiday & graduate parties to name a few).

I have a new instagram for Crystal Glen Photography as well! Please feel free to follow to keep updated and see some of my latest work. @crystalglenphotog

Thank you so much for being patient and taking the time to read this. I can’t wait to get back to work! See you soon!



Calling all 2016 Seniors!!

As I’m sure you’ve seen on our social media pages that we are looking for 2016 seniors for our senior model rep program. There will be referral bonuses for all bookings through the program. If you are a graduating senior, or know one, contact us for details!

Golden Light Model Rep Session templateWEB

We are back!

My little family and I went to the Rocky Mountains in Colorado for a much (MUCH) needed vacation. After 6 years of my husband working to get his Bachelor’s degree, my starting of a new business, & us starting a family as well in that time, we were exhausted!

We had so much fun! It was a wee bit of a drive from Texas, but we made the most of our time by stopping and checking out the beautiful scenery. Not to mention all the really cool things to do between here and there.

Naturally, I took my camera on this trip, and naturally I have a billion photos. For some reason I really wanted to bring my very first dslr camera that started my business with me. Not my most up to date one, or fancy, but she has always done the job so she went with us. (Yes, my camera is a ‘she’! ha!)

Here are a few unedited pics, sooc from our trip.

IMG_0989 IMG_1030









  A few of these my husband wouldn’t stop the car for, but I managed. 😉 Now to plan next year’s trip. Have a great one!

Sunset Wedding…

I just finished up a beautiful wedding. The sunset was the theme, but due to some unfortunate weather, the ceremony was moved inside. The location didn’t matter in the end though, since it was a gorgeous and heartfelt evening between two people who were madly in love with each other. (I am not going to lie, I teared up during the vows). Here is a preview photo with many more to come.


Where is your support system?


One thing I’ve learned since beginning my photography journey is having other photographer friends is a MUST!

I have found a lot of photographers (not all) decide not to have other photographers as part of their inner circle (for whatever reason, but I’ve found their concern for competition in the market is the biggest one). It’s the opposite for so many though. I have several other photographer friends, and we actually get each other work. One of us does Newborn photography, and one doesn’t, so there is a referral. We work on projects together. We give each other tips and tricks to become better photographers.  We SUPPORT each other. That is the biggest part. They get it because this is their profession, too. When I go out and try something new, am so nervous I am shaking, I will suddenly see messages coming from my photographer friends. “You can do this! You will be great!”. It gives me that push, and that is amazing to me.

Don’t be afraid to reach out to your community in whatever endeavor you choose. There are people who want you to succeed. I promise.

Leave me a comment. Tell me where your support system is. Ask questions. Let’s discuss!

Stay determined and amazing, y’all!