We are back!

My little family and I went to the Rocky Mountains in Colorado for a much (MUCH) needed vacation. After 6 years of my husband working to get his Bachelor’s degree, my starting of a new business, & us starting a family as well in that time, we were exhausted!

We had so much fun! It was a wee bit of a drive from Texas, but we made the most of our time by stopping and checking out the beautiful scenery. Not to mention all the really cool things to do between here and there.

Naturally, I took my camera on this trip, and naturally I have a billion photos. For some reason I really wanted to bring my very first dslr camera that started my business with me. Not my most up to date one, or fancy, but she has always done the job so she went with us. (Yes, my camera is a ‘she’! ha!)

Here are a few unedited pics, sooc from our trip.

IMG_0989 IMG_1030









  A few of these my husband wouldn’t stop the car for, but I managed. 😉 Now to plan next year’s trip. Have a great one!

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