Where is your support system?


One thing I’ve learned since beginning my photography journey is having other photographer friends is a MUST!

I have found a lot of photographers (not all) decide not to have other photographers as part of their inner circle (for whatever reason, but I’ve found their concern for competition in the market is the biggest one). It’s the opposite for so many though. I have several other photographer friends, and we actually get each other work. One of us does Newborn photography, and one doesn’t, so there is a referral. We work on projects together. We give each other tips and tricks to become better photographers.  We SUPPORT each other. That is the biggest part. They get it because this is their profession, too. When I go out and try something new, am so nervous I am shaking, I will suddenly see messages coming from my photographer friends. “You can do this! You will be great!”. It gives me that push, and that is amazing to me.

Don’t be afraid to reach out to your community in whatever endeavor you choose. There are people who want you to succeed. I promise.

Leave me a comment. Tell me where your support system is. Ask questions. Let’s discuss!

Stay determined and amazing, y’all!


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