Family Session | Eagle Mtn Park | Fall 2014

Here I am, playing catch up in 2015. I don’t mind though since it is really nice to look back through my work and (gasp!) organize and back it up. As a photographer, having two sources (at the least) of back up is super important. I worry that a client could come back months from now and inquire on a photo, and without backing it up, I may not have it for them.. I always start by saving the files to my computer, then saving them to an external hard drive. (This is pre-editing, btw). After I finish my edits, confirm with the client they are happy with the end result, I back up the edited/non-edited items to a disk. I have two back up systems in case one should fail. I can’t stress how important this is…

Or, how many times it has saved me. ;P

I will quit my blathering and on with the show!

M01 M04 M07 M10 M11 M18 M22

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