Here is to a wonderful 2015!

I hope everyone of you had a fantastic Christmas! We had a pretty low key year which meant a wonderful Christmas eve service and a quiet night with my family.

I tried to keep the little guy busy this season. It was my first year with Elfie the Elf and ice skating for the first time in, oh, 13 years. (Wonderful, wonderful Instagram)

10868256_10204566623140782_6964520516784782097_n 10849865_10204495696567662_4899280887830231088_n

We had a lovely Christmas Eve church service,


and a nice, calm Christmas morning…at least as calm as it can be with a toddler and Golden Retriever…


and finally completing our day with family. (these are unedited, sorry!)



Happy 2015! Here is my little guy (via instagram) super bored on New Year’s. 🙂


Here is to new adventures and new beginnings.

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